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New Area of Ministry

The Genesis Project is Chosen Children Ministries working through partnerships with families who are already active in CCM established barrio churches to break the cycle of generational poverty and hopelessness by teaching skills and developing work opportunities to enable these families to meet their specific needs.  Read More…

Team Testimonials

As we walked in faith, trusting that God sent us there to serve Him, we found ears ready to hear and hearts ready to respond. We had 40-50 women daily attending a women’s Bible study, around a dozen men, and countless children all coming to hear the gospel.
Bert Watts, Mountain Creek Baptist - Taylors, SC
We were able to feed the people at the dump. This was probably the most impressive, humbling experience of the trip.
Bob Fort, First Baptist - Clarksville, TN
We had a fantastic trip with Chosen Children Ministries. It is by far one of the best ministries to partner with in order to get students involved in the global missions.
Devan Burris, Cross Pointe City Church - Cartersville, GA

Thank you Calvary Chapel and Clearwater Community Church for serving last week in Nicaragua. Thank you Austin Jones for being brave and joining with a group you never met from a another state to go and serve. God is good! ...

1 day ago

Austin JonesThank you so much for letting me tag along and for the staff going out of their way to make sure I was picked up from and taken to the airport when I needed to be! We had an amazing week!24 hours ago

Chosen Children Ministries updated their cover photo. ...

1 day ago

Thank you Renfrew Baptist Church for serving last week in Nicaragua. You even got to see the rain we have prayed for. Thank you for going! ...

2 days ago

Another Great testimony of all that God is doing in Nicaragua from team leader and CCM Board of Director, Bill Whitfield: TEAM NICARAGUA 2014 Saluda Baptist Church July 19-26, 2014 Saluda Baptist Church’s 21-member team was composed of members from Taylors First Baptist Church, Walnut Grove United Methodist Church, Bethany United Methodist Church, Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church as well as Saluda Baptist Church. What a wonderful week serving the Lord in Nicaragua with Chosen Children Ministries! We began our week on Sunday worshipping with Pastor Carlos at Mt. Horeb Church in El Chague, Leon. Our pastor, Rev. Stacey Smith brought the morning message. We held Vacation Bible School for the children. The children loved the costumes that our young people used as they did “The Good Samaritan” and “The Widow’s Offering”. Our two nurses were able to minister to many sick people. A church-wide feeding was served to over 300 people by our team members. We left school supplies, Bibles, Sunday School materials in Spanish and manna packs for Pastor Carlos and his church. On our way back to the Masaya campus, we visited Pastor Rito at “Jesus is Coming” church. He shared his ministry and sang two songs for the team. What an enormous voice! The team also left school supplies, Bibles and manna packs for his church and Pastor Luis’ church at Tomas Borge. On Monday, we began our work in the Flags community. Part of our team built a new home for a young mother of two who had nowhere to live. Gabriella had recently moved from another barrio to get away from her abusive husband. She and her children were homeless but they were very involved in the church at Flags. Our guys completed her home on Wednesday. We prayed over the home and dedicated the home and her family to the Lord. We had a “house-warming” for her, supplying her with food, clothing and money for a new bed. Time did not allow us to build a second home for a mother who had a four-year-old handicapped child. She was living in a make-shift shed with a borrowed tin roof. We were able to minister to her by providing food and Pampers for the child and we left money with Guillermo for the next team to build a home for her and her family. God is good and He provides for his children. We conducted door-to-door visitation inviting the community to attend three days of services which included Vacation Bible School, Men’s Bible Study, Women’s Bible Study, a Youth Bible Study, and medical clinics as well as preaching services each day. God’s Word was proclaimed in many ways during those three days! On Wednesday, after the church service, the team fed over 350 men, women and children. During the week, we had the opportunity to visit and assist in the Genesis Project in Flags. Abner is doing a great job with this new ministry. One of the projects involved a young lady who wanted to open a beauty shop in her home. The ministry provided her a beautician’s table and mirror. Our team provided supplies, scissors and other needed items. What a joy to see the happy tears as she was provided a livelihood to help her become self-sufficient and to witness her being involved in God’s work at the church in Flags. Another Genesis project that we were able to have a part in was a young man who wanted to make pizza and sell them at his home. He had previously worked in a pizza place. The ministry had an oven that had been removed from the kitchen at the mission house. We delivered the oven to him and before we left he and his family were busy washing and cleaning the oven getting ready to start baking! Our team provided propane and a tank, along with pans and supplies for him to get started. On the last day, our construction team stopped by and he cooked them a pizza! Thanks so much to Abner for his guidance and leadership with the Genesis Project. It is undeniably making a difference in the lives of those involved. On Thursday, we traveled to Juigalpa to visit the nursing home and the orphanage. Seeing the children at the orphanage and the elderly patients at the nursing home is always one of the highlights of our trip. We provided medical supplies and food for the nursing home and enjoyed renewing our friendships made there. The 106-year-old lady that we had ministered to last year passed away this year, but what a blessing to know where she is today. Our team had a great time playing with the children and our young folks presented the “Good Samaritan” VBS skit. As always, we concluded our trip with a visit from the Eskimo man. Clothing, school supplies and medicines were left for the children. Friday was our R & R day. We traveled into Managua to the “tourist” area, had a nice boat ride on Lake Managua and a great meal at a restaurant beside the lake. We commented that the folks we had ministered to just days before probably did not even know a place like this existed in Nicaragua. We returned home on Saturday, and as we say each year, it is a joy and honor and pleasure to serve the Lord in Nicaragua through Chosen Children Ministries. Many on our team have been for ten straight years and Guillermo and his staff are like family to us. We pray for them daily as they continue to spread God’s Word throughout their country. Blessings Bill & Carol Whitfield Team Leaders ...

7 days ago