Children At Risk

Meet Steven. Steven is six years old and was found on the streets of Juigalpa, Nicaragua.  Unable to locate anyone who would claim him, he was brought to our orphanage where he stayed and was taken care of for three days until his parents were located.
And then there is Carlos. Carlos, age 7, is another young boy found wandering the streets with apparently no one to care for him. Carlos was housed safely at our orphanage receiving God’s love through the hands of our staff in Juigalpa until his family was located.
Steven and Carlos are like many children in Juigalpa who find themselves in emergency situations. Many grow up alone with no family to protect, care and provide for them. As you look into their eyes you see young lives filled with uncertainty as they face the odds to survive through each day. Many children in Nicaragua are vulnerable and scared with little hope for the future. Even though most of the children who have been raised in Chosen Children’s Casa Mephibosheth orphanage have at least one parent, the parent in most circumstances could not afford to raise the child so they ended up in our orphanage. Other children, like Steven and Carlos are not so lucky and find themselves in similar situations and end up on the streets becoming involved with gangs, drugs, victims of abuse and prostitution.

A New Direction

At this time Chosen Children Ministries is facing some incredibly challenging situations which require our immediate action. The Ministry of Families (MOF), the agency in Nicaragua similar to our country’s DSS, has made and is already implementing the decision to move children out of long-term residence homes like Casa Mephibosheth in order to unite them with relatives. This move to relocate children to some existing household is occurring throughout Nicaragua as well as other Central American countries.  This is an open door for us to be more than just an orphanage. We have taken this to the Lord for well over a year and now believe God is leading us to begin a new ministry to transform, expand and grow. The Bible says in Psalm 36:7 “How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! And the children of men take Refuge in the shadow of Your wings.” Based on this passage of scripture Casa Mephibosheth will now be known as “The Refuge!” The Refuge will continue to be a long-term residence for children and have the exact same objective as the orphanage did – to lead children to the feet of Jesus, teach them about the love of Christ and lead them to faith in Jesus as their Lord, Savior, Protector, Father, Friend and Counselor. Now we will be able to reach even more children! The MOF is so supportive of CCM providing temporary emergency and daily shelter for Nicaragua’s wandering children that two children have already been brought to The Refuge for temporary care. Those two children are Steven and Carlos. This new ministry not only allows us to reach children like Steven and Carlos, but also to bring the love of Jesus to their troubled and needy families. Isn’t that exciting?

Guardians of Children

There is still much to do. The required documentation to the Nicaraguan government for The Refuge is being written for approval. Some rooms will need remodeling. Desk and other minor furniture or equipment need to be purchased to meet the conditions of a prevention center in Nicaragua. Just as with Mephibosheth, the funding to provide safe, emergency shelter, daily needs, and other care provided through The Refuge will come entirely from individuals and groups who desire to be part of what God will do in each young life. For a monthly gift of $30, you can become a Guardian of Children. As a Guardian, each month you will share in receiving a story and picture of a different child who sought and found protection, love, and shelter at The Refuge. For our dear existing Child Sponsors, you may continue to sponsor your assigned child for as long as your child remains long-term at The Refuge. Once your current sponsored child is reunited with relatives you will transition to a Guardian of all the precious children that come to The Refuge instead of just one child. You can set up automatic monthly Guardian gifts through our website at or you can send your gifts to CCM, PO Box 126, Inman, SC, 29349.

We need your commitment to pray alongside us, we need financial partners, continuing sponsorships, and people who will continue to go to Nicaragua and work on mission teams that help to minister to the staff and children who will be a part of “The Refuge” ministry facilities. Together we can fulfill the plan God has for broken lives. Together we can reflect how the body of Christ works in unity to redeem and revolutionize hurting children. And then we can watch as God changes this future generation who will one day minister to others who are lost and hurting. The challenge is enormous but the rewards can be great and with lasting eternal values. We ask that you pray and ask God today how you can be involved as a part of this life changing ministry. “The Refuge!”